What is Real Property Report?

A Real Property Report (RPR) is a survey document prepared by an Alberta Land Surveyor that clearly illustrates the size and location of significant visible improvements relative to a property and its boundaries. An RPR takes the form of a plan/illustration/map of the physical features of a specific property, including a written statement outlining the Surveyor’s opinions or concerns.

See sample of an RPR with Compliance

Common Concerns


An Encroachment Agreement may be required when an improvement on a property encroaches into the City’s property or Right-of-Way. It can be for a portion of a building, fence, retaining wall, shed, etc.

Bylaw Relaxations

A Land Use Bylaw is a set of rules to govern the development of an area and is used to create a safe community for everyone to enjoy. What happens when an improvement on a property breaks these rules?

Frequently Asked Questions about Real Property Reports

There are a variety end users of Real Property Reports, some of these include but are not limited to:

  • Property Owners – to be informed of locations of improvements within the property boundaries, any encroachments from adjacent properties, and property compliance with municipal Land Use Bylaws.
  • Property Purchasers – to be informed of the boundary and improvement locations on the property, and any problems relating to the property boundaries.
  • Municipalities – to assist them in determining compliance with Land Use Bylaws and fire codes, and in the planning and development process.
  • Mortgage Lenders – to be informed of conformance of improvements with municipal Land Use Bylaws, and problems that may have to be resolved prior to registration of the mortgage.
  • Realtors – to provide a visual representation of the property for sale, meet requirements of the real estate listing/purchase contract, and to have information to avoid delays in completing property transactions when an RPR is arranged early in the sales process.

A Compliance Certificate is a report from a Municipality confirming that all buildings and structures identified on a property have met the regulations under the Land Use Bylaws.

A Real Property Report benefits the end user of the Report in that problems are clearly identified at the time of the survey and can be resolved before a sale is finalized. Owners are made aware of accurate locations and dimensions of their buildings, improvements, rights-of-way, and encroachments relative to the boundaries of their property. Purchasers will know the exact dimensions of what they are purchasing along with permanent fixtures that exist on the property in question.

Purchasing a property may be the largest financial investment you make in your entire life. With a Real Property Report in hand, purchasers and owners will know of any existing boundary problems. Any problems with the property will be identified and can be specifically addressed.

A Real Property Report is necessary to determine compliance with municipal Land Use Bylaws. A municipality reviews and endorses the Real Property Report and indicates if the improvements meet the requirements of the local Land Use Bylaws.

Why is having a RPR better than just a title insurance? An RPR provides an up to date picture of the property and all of the improvements thereon. It is useful as a reference to aid in future improvements and can be used by future owners as well. It identifies potential problems with the location of improvements in regards to local Land Use Bylaws, utility rights-of-ways, easements, etc… before a land transaction takes place. Having an up to date RPR (with municipal compliance) allows a buyer to be confident in their land purchase.
Title insurance provides no information about the property or improvements, and is only used if a problem is discovered at a later date that requires fixing to become compliant with local Land Use Bylaws. It is limited to the policy purchaser and cannot be transferred to a future owner.

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